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(63) heather wood
Wed, 27 August 2008

hi Roger, this is fun, thanks for sharing and i secretly want to write a book too. my MS is in environmental studies and i want to be the next terry tempest williams ha ha ha...i just have zero self esteem. thanks for the inspiration, and if you have any suggestions fire away.heather

(62) Jeff Spech man a fre
Tue, 26 August 2008

Nice site fellow hamber

(61) Steve Wolfie Doll
Sat, 11 February 2006

Like you, I was born and raised in Iowa. My home up until 1961 (when I escaped) was Davenport. My life has revolved around cars and rock&roll and still does! During my lifetime I've worked for Bell Auto Parts, Mickey Thompson, etc...and have been a member of West Coast Kustoms since 1982. all of my experiences in life were born and raised with me in Davenport. Nowadays some folks ask me how I can stand living in the desert in the summer with all the heat and thanks to my growing up in Iowa, I simply reply..........I don't have to mow it and I don't have to shovel it!!! I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.Steve

(60) Lewis C. K. Emanuel
Sat, 11 February 2006

I'm going to our locak Hastings Entertainment store tomorrow and am ordering (if they don't have in stock) your book; it sounds like it's right up my alley! As a fellow gearhead (I graduated in 1964), I can easily picture the "street racing" scenes (sort of like Whitestone Parkway or the Clearview Expressway in NYC where I was raised!)

(59) Trent Knight aka Tman
Tue, 7 February 2006

Roger, I loaned my copy to my dad and he is pissed off! He wants to know why you followed him around and documented his every move during those years! HA !

(58) Steve Volker
Mon, 2 January 2006

Love your Friday Night Read on the HAMB. Bought your book for one of my cruisin' buddies for christmas. Hope to read it when he is done. Thanks

(57) hansen
Wed, 7 December 2005

Roger: Loved reading Banging Gears and the best part its all around the part of the country I spent the first 13 years of my life. I still have alot of family in western Iowa and eastern Nebraska. As you may remember I found my 47 in Lincoln. The street names in Omaha, the small town names all bring back memory's and Playland Park (only got to go there twice farmers dont have much money for stuff like that) I got to see my first car race. Thanks for the memorys.

(56) mike atchley
Mon, 28 November 2005

hi, roger.atch here. i didn't know you had a site so had to visit when i heard about stuff. reminds me of my own youth spent (wasted?) in the 60's

(55) jay ely
Tue, 22 November 2005

i'm not to sure that a jetter should have a web site. mid west farm kids that moved to denver with a relic car club is more likely from kids from the northeast.

(54) pOrk
Fri, 28 October 2005

Just got done reading a few of your storys on the HAMB and I enjoy every one of them. Might consider picking up the book. Thanks for taking the time to share!

(53) garry cooper
Sat, 22 October 2005

I'm looking forward to reading your book!

(52) Dale Grau
Wed, 14 September 2005

Great book, I love the stories,. Always read your column in the Goodguys Gazette first. Thanks for signing my copy at the H.A.M.B. drags last weekend. I grew up in NE on the far west side in the 50 60's. I drove(and still have it) a 5 window deuce to high school. Your stories bring back lots of good memories.

(51) Bill Van Wormer
Sat, 3 September 2005

It was great talking with you & to meet you at the car show , see you around

(50) Blackburn
Sat, 13 August 2005

|~~|The first novels I read were Henry Felsen and I advanced in my reading ability. For some time I wasn't reading any books that could keep my interest long until I started reading Roger's "Friday Nite Read" on The HAMB. I was going to buy the book much earlier but sometime always got in the way until a few weeks ago. I stashed my money underneath matress so I wouldn't be tempted to spend any of it.And now that I have bought the book I don't dare to stop reading it.I've heard stories of the "good ol' days" from my Father, but none as vivid as these. I know the temperature, the time, the feeling and sometimes I just have the sensation of being a passenger in Roger's 57...Thanks Roger for writing this book.

(49) Eddie Donato
Tue, 9 August 2005

The book reads just like I can remember it as a country boy who was dying for a fast mover that would give me the freedom to roam until all hours of the night. A great read.Eddie

(48) Anna Marco
Wed, 3 August 2005

Dear Roger: Loved Loved Loved the book! Thanks for sharing your gifted words with the rest of us busted gear and banged head rodders. Received the book from Alan Mayes and couldnt put it down from the moment I got it. Alan said I wasnt allowed to read it and drive at the same time (true story). Now I'm gonna give one to Robert Williams as a gift and keep the tradition of hot rod storytelling alive. Keep up the good work!

(47) Dale Beymer, OK
Fri, 22 July 2005

Got your web from The Monarch News, Alumni News

(46) Lance Martin
Mon, 18 July 2005

Hey Roger!! I am glad to see you doing so well.. Keep in touch!Lance

(45) billy the kidd bender
Tue, 2 August 2005

ra book is great all hot rodders should read it. older ones like me will see a lot of themselfs in it. good work

(44) Mark Chandler
Tue, 7 June 2005

Hello Roger. I always enjoy talking to you at the shows or where ever. I last talked to you at Moab.I appreciate you try to help with the stainless.I hope that this venture is going well for you. Mark Chandler '53 '54 Chevy club Aurora Colorado.

(43) Alan Mayes
Wed, 1 June 2005

Roger, "Bangin' Gears and Bustin' Heads" is a great read. It brought back a ton of memories. I could visualize your tales with my friends as the characters and my locale as the setting. Good job

(42) John Quarton
Tue, 24 May 2005

Greetings to a fellow transplanted Iowan! Thanks to Tim Long, I am just getting started in the reading of Bangin' Gears & Bustin' Heads, and enjoying every minute of it! More later. JPQ

(41) Allen "Smitty" Smith
Sat, 14 May 2005

Roger I have met you and Dan a couple of times.(Lonestar Roundup/HAMB Drags) It is a great pleasure to know the both of you. I always enjoy your reads. Keep on doing what you do!

(40) KIRK!
Wed, 13 April 2005

Hey Roger, keep up the good work!

(39) John Phillips
Fri, 8 April 2005

HI Roger found out about and ordered your book from the HAMB, couldn't put it down. When are you going to do the next one?