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(38) Mike Vice
Wed, 6 April 2005

Just finished reading your book "bangin' gears & bustin' Heads". I really injoyed it. I found it across the street from where I work at a place called "Car Books" here in englewood. Looked you up on the Hamb and found this website in your sig. Good work. Maybe I'll see you around at a car show or something. Mike

(37) Cade
Sat, 2 April 2005

Uncle Rog...HEY from your nef u in San Antonio. Cool website. Thanx for the autographed copy of the book!

(36) Ken and Marilyn Grimes
Tue, 29 March 2005

Roger, After posting on the guestbook yesterday, I was thinking about our trip East from Tex Smith's Teton Cruise several years ago and had a mental picture that everybody should be able to see. That is 2 verrry low custom sedans going full blast through an awful tar covered construction zone somewhere in Wyoming. It wasn't just a few feet either==about 2 miles if memory is correct. You guys were awsum to travel with.Ken Grimes

(35) Django
Tue, 22 March 2005

Hi Roger!For those of you that don't know, Roger is a verbal painter... His work paints a picture so clear, you'd swear you were right there with him.

(34) Ken and Marilyn Grimes
Tue, 22 March 2005

Roger, It is a pleasure to have met you several years ago. Your book is a real treasure, especially to those of us who lived through that era. It seems like we all had similar adventures.Keep the stories coming. Thank's for blowing the cobwebs off some great memories.Ken and Marilyn Grimes

(33) nor cal nic
Mon, 21 March 2005

well, howdy!

(32) Bill Norris
Thu, 17 March 2005

Hows it goin' Roger!As an avid reader I'd like to say your book is right up there with my favorites.You just can't find CAR stories anymore, and when you do its usually inaccurate and aimed towards children.THIS book fills that void completely!!!Strong visual writing combined with a little grit to keep the "edge" on. Very enjoyable!Excellent work man...looking forward to your next release!

(31) Cole bricen
Fri, 11 March 2005

Read aobut your book in street trucks and i have to order it now!!

(30) Scott Snider
Wed, 16 February 2005

Ended up here off the HAMB... can't wait to read more!!

(29) Max Hanold
Thu, 3 March 2005

have greatly enjoyed your friday night reads. So much so I'm sending a check for your book. Crestliner

(28) Dale Palmer
Tue, 8 February 2005

Your site looks great.

(27) john rickey
Sun, 30 January 2005

Roger, nice talking to you today.JANE and I ordered your book, sure i'm looking forward to read it.Your artitles sure sound like my car days in the 60's in southern Ohio.Thanks for putting those great days in a book. John & Jane Rickey your friends

(26) william bender
Thu, 27 January 2005

just ordered your book cant wait to read it will let you know what i thought after i read. im a old gearhead and street and drag racer but dont do the street thing any more just nostalgia drag racing with old gasser and super stocker.

(25) whit lyles AKA 40oz.tofreedom
Mon, 24 January 2005

one of the first guys i met on the hamb, and the ONLY name i looked for on friday nights, well with the exception of GERM. keep up the good work

(24) John
Wed, 5 January 2005

Ever since the Friday night read I have been waiting for this book. I enjoyed reading it on the HAMB even if it did mean waiting till 3am. Hope it makes the best seller list for you. :o))John

(23) Jay
Tue, 4 January 2005

This is Nosurf from the HAMB. Your book sounds like a good read. Jay

(22) Bill Wivell
Mon, 3 January 2005

Roger, have you heard this one before? The check is in the mail! Can't wait to read the book. As a fellow Iowan, I could just picture cruisin' with ya in the early '60's! "I get the front seat!" Love your stuff! Glad to see your hard work payin' off

(21) Bob Gaylord
Fri, 31 December 2004

Roger, I just received your book, but wouldn't ya konw, the weather turned warm again (pretty unusual for Rochester, NY in late December !) and since I can again work outside on my latest project, the book will have to wait for winter to resume. At least now, I have something to look forward to!!

(20) Bruce Bartolotto
Mon, 27 December 2004

I just ordered your book.I saw it advertised in Styleline magazine.

(19) Paul Hutchins
Sun, 26 December 2004

I'll order your book. Curious to see if my old home town of Sioux City gets mentioned. I graduated from Central High there in 1960. I was in "The Strollers" car club. We ran the drag strip at the Sioux City airport. Good memories of good times. There are some photos from those good old days in an album on my web site.Paul "Hutch" HutchinsFront Royal VA

(18) Salisbury
Sat, 25 December 2004

I got here from hamb

(17) Jeff Hansen
Wed, 22 December 2004

Hey Roger,Great to stumble onto this (even after you told me about it earlier this year!?). Congratulations my friend, and I hope to see you continue to have fun with cars and enjoy life. Saw the Stude in the latest R&C racing against Evan's 50 Cad...Cool!

(16) Brad
Thu, 16 December 2004

I saw your book on the HAMB. I sent payment and look forward to reading it since I grew up in central Nebraska and am a confirmed hotrod addict.

(15) Bill H from Fremont
Mon, 6 December 2004

Roger, Just got the book! LOVE IT. You really paint a picture with your words. Being from Fremont, it is easy to picture the ACTUAL locations you write about in Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska. But I would recommend this to a car guys from Anywhere, USA. Your stories are unique, yet universal (is that even POSSible?). Gearheads from Modesto to Miami will relate to your episodes, as though you were riding shotgun with them, pen and paper in hand. I'll be ordering copies for friends. Here's a salute to you Roger. A blast from the pipes of a split six. Wwwaaaaaaaaaahhhhh ... bbrrraaaappp!!

(14) Pat Griffith
Sat, 4 December 2004

/> Found out about your book from the H.A.M.B. (FishMan). I am going to place my order right now. Thanks.