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(13) Larry &quot;Animal&quot; Garner|
Thu, 2 December 2004

I saw your site link on the HAMB. Good luck with the book! I'll probably order a couple after the next couple months are over; two knee surgeries and the holidays coming up. I'm in Hooper , CO, 20 miles north of Alamosa.

(12) Stan Weber
Thu, 2 December 2004

Roger I just finished placing my order for your &quot;Bangin' Gears&quot; book. I'm a HAMBer (stan292) who grew up in Lincoln, NE. I still work there, although I live in Firth, a small village about 20 miles straight South.I must confess to not keeping up with all your stories on the HAMB, as my available computer time is limited, so I'm usually only able to give the site a fast scan. Still, I'm really looking forward to getting the book. I just turned 60 (graduated from University High in Lincoln in '62), so I expect I'll be familiar with some of the names and places you mention.Although I stayed as far away as I could from the &quot;bustin' heads&quot; action, I have lots of memories of that stuff from those days.BTW It looks like we happen to be in the same trade. I have a lengthy background in graphics, copywriting, and general ad agency stuff. I've had my own ad shop (and freelanced, of course), and have &quot;banged around&quot; at a number of agencies in the area over the years. I'm currently part of an &quot;in house&quot; agency for a local manufacturer.Best of luck with your other writing projects.Take care and I'll see you on the HAMB.

(11) Phelan
Thu, 2 December 2004

Just found out about the book. Droppin' hints now. Can't wait til la HAMB.General Gow (Mark)|~~|

(10) Dave from Campbell, CA
Thu, 2 December 2004

Dropping BIG hints to Mr's Wife for Christmas!!Viva La Hamb

(9) Josh
Sat, 27 November 2004

finally buyin your book, stude! long time reader and fan chromedRATviva la HAMB

(8) Moparrodder
Tue, 16 November 2004

Roger, you're a true friend and it's always a pleasure to be around you!! I have enjoyed all of your reads and wait with great anticipation of the next one, they make you feel like you're right there with you,WOW what a rush!! Thanks for sharing these super reads!! It's really special to know someone that grew up only 17 miles away from me and can enjoy reading about the very things I love the most. Keep up the good work!!! Bill

(7) Greg M.
Sun, 14 November 2004

I, as did Texaco Don, took possession of your book at our last Friday nite Rosie's Diner Hot Rod dinner and liar's contest.I have only read the first few pages and am already enjoying it. Great stories and super written. Thanks for the book, car advise and above all the valued friendship. I am proud to know ya!Greg M.Aurora, Colo

(6) Texaco
Sun, 14 November 2004

Just received your autographed book last night at Rosie's Diner. I will start reading it very soon, can't believe I actually know a published author! Good Luck with all your future endeavors RAJ! It has truely been a pleasure to know and talk to you, I will do everything possible to keep Crusin alive in Aurora.Best Regards always,Don L.

(5) Rocky
Sat, 13 November 2004

Yeah, heard about the book standing at the urinal next to some prevert named Rashy or something. When he got finished peeking, he recommended I buy your book. It comes highly recommended. Gimme one and sign it.

(4) Kerry
Fri, 12 November 2004

Looks good! I've enjoyed the Friday night reads, thanks. I'm giving the link to my wife for a Christmas wish.

(3) Truth
Fri, 12 November 2004

Looking forward to getting the book, man...

(2) buzzard
Thu, 11 November 2004

Lookin' forward to some &quot;Friday Nite Reads&quot; with this book. Congrats on getting her out.|

(1) doug
Thu, 11 November 2004

Love the book!