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(113) Christopher Hedum
Sun, 4 March 2007

I just finished "Bangin' Gears". Great stories! I too was born and raised in Denison, 20 or so years after you. My teenage and early twenties were very similar, the vehicle I "cruised" was a "69 Camaro SS with a 396" and auto. Probably drag raced on some of the same roads as you! Thanks again for the trip back into the memories of youth and my own experiances on Seven Dips Road!

(112) Joe Moyer
Thu, 6 December 2007

Roger, I cherish your frindship, you do make a diffrence in my life.

(111) adams
Wed, 28 February 2007

Great reading! Too close to home!

(110) Mike Atchley atch
Thu, 8 February 2007

Cool books, Roger. I read the first 3 in short order. I've just put in an order for the 4th one. I love the pic at the top of this page.

(109) Alan Szarek
Tue, 6 February 2007

Heard about you on the HAMB.I've been collecting stories of my own for a while. Nice to know I'm not the only one!

(108) Timmy Z
Mon, 5 February 2007

Hey Roger you are one way Kool Kat! i bought one book for me and one for my Pops in Iraq he read it and has been passing it down to the guys out there he asked me to make sure to tell ya he said thanks for helping him take his mind off all the chaos and be able to enjoy life thru your words. I Dig all your Stories and your style man take care and keep up the great work!! Timmy Z

(107) Joe Richardson
Mon, 5 February 2007

Roger,For the past few years, I have looked forward to and read your column immediatly after getting my hands on each new GoodGuys magazine...the only problem is...I finish your column and that's it for the month...I too have lived the 60's and man do your stories bring on the nostalgia...can't wait to get your books...Thanks, JR

(106) rod taverner
Thu, 1 February 2007

Many many thanks for the shirt and photos.Very much treasured mateCheers ROD

(105) John Alfeld
Sat, 13 January 2007

Hi Roger I really enjoyed your first set of essays, "Bangin' Gears & Bustin' Heads.It was recommended to my by Neil East. I look forward to reading yoursequels.See you at Rosie's John

(104) Ralph Rodgers
Sat, 13 January 2007

Hi Roger,Remember coming to the car show in Hugoton, KS? We still talk about the times you and your brother came to the show and would like to invite you back again. We have reduced the show to 1 day. In 2008 the show will be held on August 23rd.Sincerely,Ralph Rodgers

(103) Joe
Thu, 7 December 2006

I look forward to reading your article each month in the GOODGUYS Mag. each month and now I am going to purchase all of your books. Great job with the article!

(102) Doc Watson
Sat, 25 November 2006

I have been hearing a bit about your books and its all good, so I droped the pennies and bought all of em! Cant wait to read them, Viva La HAMB!Doc

(101) G V Gordon
Thu, 16 November 2006

Hey Roger,Been meaning to get your books for awhile, finally got around to it.Have enjoyed our brief encounters at the shows and the drags in Joplin. Hope to see you in August.I have been putting together a library of hot rod related books for my grandson. I have all the Felsen titles as well as most of the W C Gault books. Also added The red Car and Speed Six recently. All books I read in Jr High. We had Austin (grandson) at the SK500 this year, he's 9 and starting to think that PaPa's cars are pretty cool.Thanks for helping keep the history alive. I have a few tales of mis spent youth I need to tell you someday.Keep writting!GV

(100) Gil Gallant
Wed, 15 November 2006

Hi Roger,Thanks for the post card. You sure are a man of your word. You told me last year that you would drop me a line once your new book was finished and we all know that many things are forgotten in a year. Thanks again, I'm putting in my order today.Best RegardsGil

(99) Vincent De Rossi
Tue, 14 November 2006

Awesome website love the photo's and the books keep up the good work. RegardsVincent

(98) Britt
Mon, 13 November 2006

Uncle Rog...Just found this site...why did I not know!?! You should add pics of all your cars (Dan's too) with some descriptions of the mods. Keep up the good work!

(97) Judy McMillie
Mon, 13 November 2006

Hi I've enjoyed your Web site. Wish you had more than ONE photo of old cars. Any chance of that? I am a column and short story writer, too. I enjoyed reading your story. Bless those junior high teachers for pounding sentence structure into our heads!!! I'm writing from El Paso, Texas, where your cars never get salt or rust on the undercarriages because we don't need snow and ice removal techniques. I love it here.

(96) Mary Alice Stevens
Sat, 11 November 2006

Hi, Roger you are lots of fun on Alpine! Gonna peruse your site!

(95) Tony Emig
Wed, 8 November 2006

Love your books! Started reading you in the Good Guys Gazette and see you ocassionally on the H.A.M.B.. When I found out you had books, I got both at once and couldn't stop reading. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks for the great stories! Makes me wish I could have been there in person to witness this stuff first hand. Thanks again!

(94) Danny McHone
Mon, 30 October 2006

Really like your books. Ordering this one for my son in law for Christmas. Will 0rder your newest book when it becomes available. Have book one and two now. Keep up the good work.

(93) Jerry
Thu, 12 October 2006

You are a wonderful story teller. Thanks for the memories and the many times you have helped me with time travel!

(92) April Leon
Wed, 11 October 2006

my dad tells me stories about how it used to be, the old cars the trouble, its fun being to read the other stories about how it used to be, we love it

(91) leo zade
Wed, 11 October 2006

you have some nice cars still wish they made them like the old days

(90) lloyd Stivison
Sun, 23 July 2006

love your stories

(89) James Shaw roadracer
Sun, 16 July 2006

Can't wait to read these old stories. I wasn't even born until '64, but still wish I was born 20 years earlier!