Broke Down a Million Miles from Home…Now What?

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Teaser: Dan and I used to be the local long distance champs around here as we put close to 15,000/20,000 miles a summer traveling back and forth across this country from our Denver, ColRODo homes in our rods and kustoms. Did that for about three decades and we’re not done yet. We’ve been fortunate to see this great country through the windshields of several old cars…and he and I have been fortunate to put up with each other over all these years. However, if you’re a driver and do long distances, you know a lot of strange things can be see on the back roads of this country and a lot of strange things can happen on ay highway! Dan and I have built several cars over the years and we’re not afraid of driving any of them nationwide. If you build your own car, then you have complete confidence in your build techniques! People ask us, “if your car breaks down on the side of there road, what do you do?” The answer of course is “fix it – right there!” Herein are a few rod running stories I call ‘fix it on the side of the road.’ If you do some serious high mileage white line flying, you’ll relate, I’d bet! Enjoy.

Brothers usually dislike each other, right? Not so with Dan and I. We’ve been best friends ever since Dan got out of the Navy (1970) and moved to Denver (I left Iowa in 1966). In ’70, we bought and rebuilt his first car – a ’57 Chevy 210, while I owned a ’64 Impala. Over the years we’ve built over 17 cars and driven them all over the U.S Working in my back yard garage, we get along 90% of the time. Dan is the go-fer, the ‘holder,’ the helper and takes care of the small messy things I don’t like to do. I’m the creative. Together, we complement each other on the highway, Dan is the leader, map reader and the let’s-not-exceed-the-speed-limit-by-more-than-5mph guy! I follow, watch the scenery – and his taillights! I’d bet in all our travels we’ve logged over a million miles across this country! Even tho we’re not ‘spring chickens’ any longer – we still have a lot of traveling left In us.

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