Arsenal Code R.E.D.

Teaser: What happens when a 15 year-old is accused of Domestic Terrorism? Did he really cause a commercial red-eye flight to be drawn into an abandoned airport during a massive winter storm and crash? Or is the disgruntled Army Captain responsible…he’s decided to “retire” with a pocket full of cash from Mideast terrorists, why? Does the U.S. government realize their Sarin nerve gas storage facility in Denver, Colorado has been compromised?”

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Arsenal Code R.E.D. is now a hardbound book (7” x 10”, 214 pages) and available as a personally autographed copy for you or your friend. Only $24.95 (plus $10.00 Priority Mail shipping). Simply click on the ‘Buy Now’ button below and it’ll take you to a PayPal order form. Allow a couple of weeks to process and ship and make certain you specify to whom it needs to be autographed. The book is also available on Amazon’s e-reader.

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